Science Fair Project Inventory Items

AA Batteries

AA Batteries are portable source of electricity.





Alligator Clips

This is kind of clip with serrated jaws which main purpose is for electrical connections.




Aluminum Foil

It functions for strong adhesion and good cold and heat resistance.




Baking Soda

Baking powder causes food to rise. It is also used to absorb moisture.




A balloon is a flexible bag filled with a type of gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide or air.





These are glass or plastic bottles primarily used as containers.





A cardboard is a thick heavy-duty paper which is used as a mounting surface to some experiments.





Chopsticks are used to eat Chinese or Japanese food. It’s use is to hold some things together without touching them with bare hands.



Cooking Pot

This is a container that is used to cook something.




Copper Electrode

This is mostly used in science experiments that is related with electricity.

Cow Magnets

These are rod-shaped magnets which make electric generators, observe magnetic lines and perform other magnet related experiments.



Cube-shaped Ice Container

This is a plastic container used in shaping the ice like a cube.

Desk Lamp

This is a lamp which can be put on top of the table to receive sufficient light.




Drinking Glass

Based on its name, this is a type of glass used i drinking water.




Electric Fan or Blower

This is a mechanical device that produces air to absorb heat and other forms of liquid.




Empty Balloon

This is a balloon without air inside.

Extension Cord

It is an electrical cable which extends power.





It is a hand-held source of power.




Flat Surface / Table

This is used to lay down instruments or scientific materials.

Gro-Lux Bulb

Still, this is a kind of light-emitting bulb, however this
encourages bio-growth.




Half-a-Sphere-shaped Ice Container

This is a kind of container which shapes an ice cube into half-a-sphere.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is a chemical compound used to destroy harmful germs and bacteria.






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